What is Powder Coating?
Powder Coating is an additional color choice that is a baked-on finish for metal hardware. The coating is sprayed on, electrically bonded, and then baked at 400* for an even finish. It is the easiest and most cost efficient way to "jazz" up your hardware! Please note that the Powder Coating process can take an extra 4 - 5 days to complete your order.

What does Powder Coating Do?
Powder Coating will not only give your hardware a beautiful finish, but it will prolong your hardware's resistance from rust and corrosion.
What Is Available?
We currently have 24 stock colors and over 100 available colors. You can order any of our hardware that offers powder coating with no minimums in the stock colors.
You can order any of that same hardware in any of our available colors with a minimum of 150 pieces. You can combine pieces for the 150 minimum. For instance, order 25 slides, 25 d-rings, and 50 loops, and get your own custom colored hardware for really neat leashes, collars, belts, bracelets, etc. Think pink, or purple, or yellow, or...There are even textured coatings to choose from.

If you don't see a color above that you like, call us for further references. So, get creative, think double d-ring belts with different colored d's; think gloss black hardware on your Great Dane's leash; or pink hardware on your Chihuahua's collar. Get started today on making your creations even more unique with our colored, powder coated hardware.
Please note that the powder coating colors shown on this site are depicted to the best of our ability. Due to variations in dye lots and computer monitor color settings the colors below may differ from the actual product. Custom colors are not returnable.

*Colors may slightly vary from images on screen due to individuals hardware/ monitors/ settings. Images are for use as a guideline to help you visualize and approximate
**Please note there are minimum quantity orders of 150 pieces for all non-stock colors

When selecting the powder coating option, keep in mind to achieve a sure grip on powder coated cams, it is imperative that the user puts pressure on the backside of trigger and push it into the webbing. It may move approximately 1 inch before establishing a secure grip on the material. For more information on how to use please click on the technical specs tab.

*Stainless Steel Cam Buckles do NOT have the option to be powder coated, because it ruins it's working abilities.

Disclaimer: The process of applying the powder coated on the hardware leaves a small-unfinished hanging mark. This is typical of this process. tries to minimize the visibility of this mark by placing it on a less conspicuous area, as pictured below.