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Mini Carabiners & Mini Spring Links

While most carabiners are used for rock climbing and other rugged outdoor activities, sometimes you want the convenience of this type of clip in your everyday life. That's where mini carabiners and spring clips come to the rescue. These little gadgets are ideal for your everyday uses where you want a strong connector at a smaller size. While they aren't strong enough for rock climbing, you'll find that mini spring links and mini carabiners do a great job of holding onto to everyday items securely so you can keep your hands free for other activities.

STEP 1: Choose your Mini Carabiner Style

Our mini carabiners look just like the classic rock climbing gear you know and love. These snap hooks come in a wide range of vivid colors, so you can mix and match according to your style. The silver gate on each style adds a nice accent as well. You can use this light duty hardware for a wide range of applications. Many people like to link their keys onto one of these tiny carabiners so they can easily clip them on their purse, backpack or belt.

Mini metal spring links also have the carabiner design with a snapping gate to keep things secure. However, these come in shapes that differ from the angled carabiner style. You can choose a longer oval style or a circular spring link depending on your tastes. And of course, you'll still get a great selection of shades from which to choose if you want your spring links to add a pop of color. Like our small carabiners, spring snap links can be used for a number of everyday applications, such as camera bangs, shoulder straps and key chains.

Can't decide between small carabiner clips or spring links? Why not try both? These are some of our lowest priced products available, so you can get a variety of colors and styles to find the ones you like best.