To get your design into development with the Custom department please send as much information about what you would like us to make to; This will enable the Custom department to accurately work up a quote and contact you back. Typically this process can take up to two weeks, but may take less time. E-mailing the Custom department is the first step to getting you a custom strap.

Here at custom is the name of the game. We feel that the definition of “custom” falls into 3 categories.

*First would be what we already offer on our website. Not to sound too bold but, if you think about it, giving you the ability to pick the webbing material, length, width, and color alone is pretty good. Now throw in top the choice of hardware type, material, size, and if you include powder coating the color. Adding powder coated hardware to the mix with webbing color greatly increases the choices, making for a truly custom design.

*The second is modifying an existing design to better fit your needs. If you want to "change" one of our straps to fit your own application, we are happy to oblige.

*Last, but not least, is, of course, “your design”. We have fabricated custom designs for 1000's of businesses, and tens of thousands of people; but please keep in mind that we DON'T MANUFACTURE HARDWARE OR WEBBING, we ONLY make straps.


So, you have an idea for a new strap or maybe a variation on an existing strap; what do you do? The first thing you need to do is marshal your thoughts and be certain what you need out of your custom strap.

Create a design for your custom strap. It doesn't have to look like the plans for the space shuttle or even the blue prints for a new house; but we do need something. You see, our Custom Department is not made up of engineers and draftsmen, but we do know what can and can't be done in making a good strap. To that end, have a design worked up before your first contact with the Custom Department. Know what type and lengths of webbing you will need; what type of end hardware or buckles will be suit you. Do you need your logo on your webbing or maybe some graphics work? It is a nice touch. Last and, possibly most importantly, what you intend the strap to do. You see, we may not be able to design your strap for you... but we can help you to perfect it. Once you have this ready, it's on to the next step.

E-Mail The best and only way to start your custom strap is to E-Mail This puts you in the queue in a 1st come 1st served order. Once your E-mail is received, it will be given to one of the Custom Department representatives; they will in turn send you a confirmation E-Mail. Be sure to include all of your contact information, the parameters of your strap design and a photo or technical drawing, this will help to speed the process along.You are now in the queue.

All Things Take Time! Shortly, your representative will contact you via E-Mail, with either a quote for your strap; or, if needs be some clarifying questions prior to a quote. Once you then approve the quote and/or any changes that may have been needed, send an E-Mail reply that your quote is approved and your strap is in process. You will be given an estimated ship time, dependent upon the number of straps in your order and/or their complexity. We have a number of different shipping methods and speeds available for you, including using your own shipping account.

Your Attention to Detail and Patience Are Rewarded! Working together, we have gotten your new Custom Straps from idea to reality. Since we E-Mailed back and forth and covered all the bases, we've made these straps to your specific design; that means they should be exactly what you need. Now, you see... that wasn't so hard... 5 easy steps to exactly what you need.

Strapworks is happy to sign "non-disclosure statements" at your request, which offers you complete security and protection for your designs. We can help you "fine tune" your design. With our knowledge and experience, we often make suggestions to modify a design that makes it both better and cheaper to produce. Our design help costs you nothing. Your idea may be fabulous, or it may be a "dog". Let help you get your idea to market at the lowest possible cost and with the least hassle. Although your design may be a "work in progress", please keep in mind that custom work is non-refundable. We often provide 6 inch samples of webbing for the cost of shipping only.

is just a sampling of customers and products we have helped design and/or customize.

Sea World Orlando.....shark nets

STOMP-The Musical.....rigging straps

Alpaca rack straps

U.S. Navy Ship Mercy.....restraints

U.S Army-Sarajevo.....tubular webbing

The Tropical Winds.....beach blanket edging

L.A. Corvette Specialties.....rack straps

Mosquito Magnet.....propane tank restraints

Shell Containers.....shoulder straps

Houston-Stafford Electric.....straps

Raytheon.....wire harnesses

Comtech Antenna Systems.....antenna straps

Wisconsin Fire Dept.....smoke jumper supplies

Critter Carrier Inc.....Pet Carriers

Raley's Supermarkets.....aisle restraints


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