Strapworks would like to announce a new and exciting change! We recently underwent an upgrade to the software our sublimation department uses. This means that the colors and stock patterns for all of our printed webbing will have a more colorful and vibrant look. All of our stock and consumer patterns are being printed with this new software.

Strapworks Custom

We're proud to offer our services for your out-of-the-box needs. No project is too big or too small!

Strapworks' Custom Department currently facilitates the production of custom straps used on all 7 continents in a variety of environments including land, sea, and even space! Here are just a few examples of what we can do:
  • Prototyping custom strap designs to fit each unique situation
  • Graphics design and templating for use in sublimation. (See our Logo and Pattern Branding Page for more information on custom graphics and sublimation.
  • Coming Soon Laser Engraving services
  • Coming Soon Long Flat Bed Press for two-sided registered printing.
Don't need a whole lot of straps? For many projects, we don't have minimum required quantities, making Strapworks the best option available for having quality straps for personal projects, small businesses, and other organizations. For larger businesses and projects, we offer competitive rates through our discount programs, and have a constantly growing production department to keep lead times low!

For more information, including specifications and requirements for custom projects, check out our Help Center here!

For quotes and other queries, please visit our contact page to submit a request. Thank you!