Logo and Pattern Branding

Make your mark with custom sublimated creations

At Strapworks, we pride ourselves in offering the widest variety of webbing possible, and with sublimatable Polyester, this selection is expanded pretty much infinitely! With our state-of-the-art sublimation technology and expertise, we are able to add your logo, name, patterns, and pictures to webbing with little effort. Sublimation is all done in house at our facility in Eugene, Oregon, and we have the ability to control how much or how little we make, so most sublimation projects do not have a minimum order size required. We even have an in-house graphics department ready to help get your designs picture perfect for printing on webbing.* We've even got some templates available for you if you want to get a head start on designing your webbing!

Please note: we will NOT print artwork/images/logos to which you do not own the license/rights. You must possess full printing rights to submitted graphics in order for us to sublimate your design onto our webbing.

Sublimation is a colorfast process that results in crystal clear, enduring images. Currently, we offer several varieties of polyester webbing in a variety of sizes ranging from 3/8" to 2" wide. After the sublimation process is complete, we can sew the webbing in house into a final product, including lanyards, collars, belts... the list goes on! Strapworks' sublimation makes for an easy, affordable way to represent your brand or business on high quality product.

Curious on how the sublimation process works?

Sublimation Diagram
  • 1. First, your custom image is printed onto heat-sensitive paper with special inks.
  • 2. Next, raw white polyester webbing is merged with the paper image.
  • 3. The paper and webbing now pass through a press, undergoing high heat and pressure simultaneously.
  • 4. Under the pressure and heat, the special ink changes directly from a solid state to a gas.
  • 5. The gas permeates the webbing, creating a clear, indelible image.
  • 6. The webbing is finished and ready to sew, and the remaining paper is recycled.

Webbing Templates - Webbing can be a little tricky to design for! We've made these handy templates to help save time in the design process.

Graphics Ownership and Rights

    When a graphics request is made it will generally fall into three categories:
  • 1. You’re providing graphics that need only to be applied to webbing.
  • a. These graphics are owned by you. We will not provide these graphics to any other clients.
  • 2. You need original graphics developed.
  • a. Our graphic design services render any original material paid for by the client as their property, and will not be re-sold to other clients unless explicitly state by the owner.
  • 3. You want to use Strapworks graphics in conjunction with your own.
  • a. The client will retain the rights to their graphics and Strapworks will retain the rights to their graphics, respectively. Neither party can sell the other’s elements separated from the original design.
These policies are set in place to protect both Strapworks’ and the client’s intellectual property. If you have any questions, please address them with your representative.

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* creation/design of images, creation/design of logos, conceptual/textual changes of existing logos and images, and any graphic artistry applications are charged at $35.00/hour.