History of Strapworks.com

My name is Thomas Foster. My wife Donna, my son Douglas, and I own Strapworks.com. Here is a little background on the "History of Strapworks.com".

In 1976, I started making cam straps for myself and a few boating friends. When other boaters saw our fancy straps (versus their ropes and spring buckle straps), they just had to know where to buy some. Strapworks was born out of that simple formula. Although our first straps were all black, I really wanted to have some color involved. And, I was really tired of arguing over which straps in the pile were mine. So, I found some yellow webbing and separated myself from the herd. Of course, the color idea snowballed. Literally for years, Strapworks was the only strap manufacturer using any colored webbing. Our strap business prospered. We started the idea of color coding different lengths of straps for easy identification. After a few years, other suppliers saw our success and started offering colored straps. But it was a weak attempt. They would offer only a few colors and only in set lengths.

Today's motto, "We Have a Strap for That"® is unmatched. We went from cam straps to offering many different styles, and always in the widest variety of colors we could find. We not only have more colors than any other U.S. strap manufacturer, we have unique colors, as well. We offer customizing on all of our products and design services just not available elsewhere. And, we offer unique customer service. For instance, only Strapworks offers two piece straps (like ratchet straps and loop straps) in mixed colors. Today, our commitment to variety, quality, and customer service is singular in the industry. We currently have 35 colors in lightweight polypropylene, 24 colors in heavyweight polypropylene, and about 60 colors in nylon. We are (to our best knowledge) the only hardware supplier in the US to offer colored hardware with d-rings, slides, buckles, in fact, most of our metal hardware, available in 19 stock colors. We have no minimums and are pleased to fill those 1 buckle orders as well as those 10,000 strap orders. Our growth has been phenomenal and we continue to introduce new products and services on a regular basis. We have been STRAPWORKS.COM® since 1995.

So, where do we go now? We have a great "Affiliate Program" that can help enterprising individuals make money through referrals to our site. We have fabulous quantity discounts for our non-commercial clients, and a great wholesale/dealer program for you commercial folks. We hope to be the Northwest's largest webbing distributor in the next few years. We will be closely examining the import market for even better prices on hardware. And we plan to keep pursuing new colors in webbing and in hardware. Hey, the world isn't black and white. So, Strapworks.com will continue to bring color to your world. Just call, e-mail, or fax us for more info.

Please take a good look around our site. I think you will find just what you want. If not, please e-mail us at custom@strapworks.com and we'll get right to work on it.

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