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BioThane® Coated Webbing

Need webbing that will survive just about anything you throw at it? Strapworks' latest offering might just be what you're looking for! BioThane® coated webbing is thin webbing that comes coated in TPU/PVC finishes. The flexible outer coating protects the webbing within and is durable, easily cleaned, and waterproof.

BioThane® is particularly popular as a substitute for leather in applications like collars and halters, or in straps for medical and athletic applications where cleanability is especially important. Strapworks is proud to be the Northwest distributor for BioThane® products. We not only cover the Pacific Northwest; we also serve as a distributor to the Mountain West states as well. We are able to sell to dealers throughout the US and to consumers everywhere, and, as always, we have no minimums! BioThane is a unique belting made right here in the US (Ohio), with many of its products meeting Berry Amendment requirements.

Strapworks currently stocks BioThane® in BETA 520, Granite, Translucent (Gold 300), Reflective, Opaque, and High Flex 1 inch black Opaque, and 2 inch matte black Granite. Check in often as it is our intention to stock the full line of BioThane® products. BioThane webbings are currently used in various markets, including equine, medical, sporting goods, canine, safety, military, and men’s fashion belts. Strapworks is developing a line of dog collars and leashes to be introduced soon. BioThane is celebrating a 40th anniversary in 2017. Make this your year to discover the advantages of BioThane® engineered webbing.