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Metal D and O Rings

Whether you're looking for a specific solution for a strapping connector or you're simply wanting to stock your workbench, these metal D-rings and O-ring clips from Strapworks fit the bill. The O-Ring and D-Ring metal hardware are some of the most versatile hardware options we offer since they can be used in such a wide range of applications. Plus, our customers absolutely love that you can get these stylish ring connectors in such a wide array of colors and finishes. Having so many color options for our O and D ring hardware makes it easy to add a pop of color in unexpected places. Or if you want to be subtle, you can try to find an exact match for the strapping that your rings will be used with.

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So what is the difference between these two types of rings? Metal D-rings and O-rings are both great for their rounded edges which allow straps to move easily without damaging the webbing. However, there are a few places where you're more likely to see D-rings used than O-rings, and vice versa. For example, D-rings are commonly used for boats and other recreational vehicles, especially in the heavy-duty varieties. You might also spot D-rings on everything from belts and dog collars to tool belts and bag straps. O-rings, on the other hand, are often seen on purses, slip collars, luggage and even horse bridals. Some artists have also incorporated O-rings into fashion clothing or unique sculptural displays. The uses are truly endless for these types of strapping rings.

There are different types of metal for rings available in our selection of O- and D-rings. Our stainless steel varieties are particularly durable and are also resistant to rust, so they're suitable for outdoor and heavy-duty applications. Meanwhile, our powder-coated metal can be created in dozens of unique colors, so it's a stylish option that lets you customize the final look. We also offer a few specific twists on these rings, such as D-rings with clips, opening O-rings and split O-rings, all of which feature the same great durability and style as our classic varieties.