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Intrepid Explorer Straps

Intrepid Explorer Combo Strap
Intrepid Explorer Combo Strap 2in Polyester Webbing 8ft
Our Price: $18.70

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Intrepid Explorer Combo Strap
Intrepid Explorer Combo Strap 2in Polyester Webbing 8ft Set of 2
Our Price: $37.40
Updated Price $33.48
You save $3.92!

The Intrepid Explorer Combo Strap is the first forum inspired strap to hit the line.This strap was inspired by customers from the Intrepid Explorers forum. It has all the bells and whistles. It utilizes the strongest stock webbing we carry, it sports some of the strongest cams on the market, and is completed with the 2in monster ratchet. The overall test of this strap is 2400lbs. It includes a high abrasion resistance, high chemical, acid and alkaline resistance, and oil resistance. The Intrepid Explorer Combo Strap is for a sturdy bunch that are looking for the highest quality ATV strap with more than all the amenities. When strength is an issue, this strap is one step past overkill. Save when you buy in pairs.

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