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Rafting Flip Strap

The Rafting Flip Strap can be used by rafters to attach to a raft in case of capsize. This raft flip line is used after such an event to right the raft while still in the water. Our rafting straps are a product you hope you'll never have to use, but invaluable when in such a situation. Made from tubular nylon this strap is plenty strong, and tough, while remaining easy on the hands. Because it is nylon, storing this raft flip line when damp or wet will shorten the lifespan to mildew or rot.

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Tubular Nylon: Tubular nylon is best used for higher abrasion applications. It is typically not recommended to use in or around water continuously because it absorbs water quickly, causing rot & mildew. It can also stretch up to 2% of its length when wet (submerged in water multiple times). However, if you need a heavy duty strap for a "beefy" job, this webbing is for you. Tubular Nylon has a thickness of .090 - .095 of an inch and the breaking strength on Tubular Nylon ranges from 1000lbs. - 5000lbs.

Available Sizes: 1 INCH