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Strapworks.com is unique in that we allow you to choose the strap you want. You can choose from 100’s of options to design the exact strap that you need. The next few steps are designed to help you choose those options and finalize your strap to be added to your shopping cart. Pictures are provided so that you can see those options that are available and those that you are choosing. Keep changing those options or start a new strap until you are happy with what you have and add it to your shopping cart. If you can’t find what you are looking for or you require something even more custom, please feel free to email custom@strapworks.

Rafting Kits

You get to choose your Basic or Deluxe Rafting Kit color (currently 24 HWP choices) or Super Deluxe Rafting Kit pattern (currently 52 Utility Polyester Patterns). Then, you get to choose your Super Deluxe Rafting Kit buckle style (regular zinc, black oxide over zinc, or stainless steel) and more. The Basic kit has twenty-four 1 inch HWP straps in all: six 2ft, four 3ft, four 4ft, six 6ft, two 8', and two 10ft. The Deluxe kit has the same, plus 2 daisy chain straps. The Super Deluxe Rafting Kit has the same strap package as the Deluxe, only in Utility Polyester and featuring more option choices! The sale price averages starts around $2.43 per strap which is an incredible offer. These will come in Black unless otherwise specified in order notes.

Choose Your Rafting Kit:

Super Deluxe
Rafting Kit