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Replacement Tag End (long end) for 2 part Straps made with 1 1/2" Flat Nylon
Replacement Tag End (long end) for 2 part Straps

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1-1/2 Inch Flat Nylon Colors
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Tag end of a two part strap, also called the long end, made with 1 inch Flat Nylon Webbing.

Coming soon,Tag end of a two part strap, also called the long end, made with 1-1/2 inch Flat Nylon Webbing. Flat nylon webbing, 1 inch, has a breaking strength of 3000 pounds with a thickness of 0.070 to 0.075 of an inch.

Whether you have a Cam or Ratchet Strap, if you need to  replacement the Tag end of your strap, then this is the strap you need. Also called the "long end" of a two part strap, you have 28 colors, 22 end hardware options and 2 feet to 40 feet stock lengths to choose from. A strap is only as strong as its weakest link. A guide line for finding a safe working load is to take the breaking strength and divide it by one third. For example, Strapworks’ flat nylon webbing 1-1/2 inch has a breaking strength of 4250 pounds, so a safe working load is 1416 pounds. You also need to consider your hardware and stitching.
Please keep in mind the characteristics of the different types of webbing when ordering straps.
Replacement Tag End (long end) for 2 part straps made with flat nylon webbing is the webbing of choice for high abrasion applications. Flat nylon has an excellent breaking strength, however, it is not recommended for use in or around water continuously because it is less water resistant, making it susceptible to mildew and rot. Flat nylon can also stretch up to 2% of it's length when saturated.
Replacement Tag End (long end) for 2 part straps made with polyester seatbelt webbing The 1-1/2 inch Seatbelt weave webbing is lighter in weight than the regular polyester, but close in strength.  Low stretch, low absorption rate, non-porous fiber, and high strength makes this an excellent choice for outdoor uses as well!
Replacement Tag End (long end) for 2 part straps made with heavyweight polypropylene webbing are suitable for medium duty outdoor applications. Heavyweight polypropylene webbing has excellent UV protection and does not absorb water quickly, giving it better resistance against mildew and rot. However, polypropylene does not have good abrasion resistance, so it is not recommended for use against rough edges.
The sublimation process may take an extra 2-3 days to fulfill your order. For more information on sublimation and custom designed straps, please email

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