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Metal/Plastic Hybrid Side Release Buckles Metal Side Release Buckles Berry Amendment Metal Buckles
Metal/plastic hybrid side release buckles.  Details... Aluminum side release buckles....

1 inch metal COBRA buckle, fully Berry Compliant.

Berry Amendment Metal Buckles Berry Amendment Stainless Steel Buckles

Various sizes of metal COBRA buckles, fully Berry Compliant.

Berry Compliant Stainless Steel COBRA buckles.


Side release buckles are one of the most common hardware options for strapping these days. You'll see them everywhere, from dog collars to backpacks and beyond. If you stop to look around, you may also notice that there are different kinds of side release buckles in use everywhere. Depending on the demands of a particular strap project, not all of these buckles are created equally. If you want high-quality metal side release buckles that will stand up to regular and rugged use, check out this selection of metal buckles from our team here at Strapworks. We want to make sure your buckles last for a long time, which is why we recommend our metal buckle products for when you want side release buckles for high-use, everyday applications. Designed with durability and unparalleled performance in mind, our available metal side release buckles are an excellent choice for the most demanding side release strap applications out there. And even if you don't need your metal side release buckles to be used for especially rugged adventures, our metal buckles for strapping have an upgraded feel that many of our customers prefer regardless of application. Read on to learn more about our available side release buckles, and find the perfect fit for your needs with us today!

At Strapworks, we offer two main types of metal buckles with the side release design. First, you'll find out metal/plastic hybrid buckles. Each of the two pieces that make up these buckles is made from one of those materials. In each set, the male half is plastic while the female half is metal. This is important since you always want the female half to be stronger whenever possible. Our plastic/metal hybrid buckles are great for use in light to medium-duty applications. This style can also be customized by choosing a bold or bright color for the female half. The male half always comes in a simple black color to provide a nice contrast.

Next, you'll find our aluminum side release buckles. They have a sleek and sophisticated look and are a stronger than our metal/plastic hybrids since both sides are solid metal. Due to their strength, these buckles are preferred for applications like seat belts and heavy duty loads where safety is of the utmost importance. However, you can also incorporate the slick look of aluminum to less-critical applications by adding these side release buckles to dog collars, belts, backpacks and other accessories.

Choose from these unique options to make sure you get a side release buckle that's perfectly suited to your needs, your style and your budget. Questions? Contact our team at support@strapworks.com. For customer strap order inquires, contact custom@strapworks.com.