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Solid Brass D-Rings Solid Brass O-Rings Solid Brass Loops
Solid Brass D-Rings
Our Price: $0.58
Solid Brass O-Rings
Our Price: $1.25
Solid Brass Loops
Our Price: $1.36
Cast, solid brass d-rings.... Our Solid Brass O-Rings.... These are...
Solid Brass Slides Solid Brass Tongue Buckles Solid Brass Bolt Snaps
Solid Brass Slides
Our Price: $1.98
Brass Tongue Buckles
Our Price: $2.30
Solid Brass Bolt Snaps
Our Price: $2.98
These slides are a great combination with.... Solid brass tongue... Our bolt snaps come with...

What makes solid brass hardware so special? When it comes to strapping, there are a lot of advantages to using solid brass buckles and brass rings hardware. For many people, it comes down to style. Brass's simple and luxurious look works great as brass slides, belt buckles, loops, bolt snaps, rings, and d-rings. People often use this metal strap hardware for their belts, bags, backpacks, clothing, pet collars and other accessories. The shiny, sleek look is sure to be eye-catching, and the neutral brass color goes with a wide range of color options.

Another major benefit of using solid brass hardware is that you're getting one of our most durable options for everyday use items. Our brass buckles are strong and durable, so they'll last even through some more rugged adventures. Better yet, brass won't rust, so in addition to using brass hardware on purses and belts, you can use it for outdoor applications like backpacking or maritime uses.

Now that you know how great our solid brass hardware really is, how can you choose which style is right for your needs? If you're not sure, you can click on any of the products here to get detailed specifications and more information about the sizes available. Generally, many people use brass rings hardware such as the bolt snaps and D-rings for clothing and bags. In addition, our tongue buckles are great as brass belt buckles while the O-rings can be used for utility strapping. Our solid brass loops and brass slides will help make strap adjusting easier. These certainly aren't the only applications for each hardware type, however. You'll find that each one comes with a multitude of potential uses.

Check out all our solid brass options to learn more. By choosing brass rings hardware, buckles, snaps or loops, you'll get products that are stylish and elegant while still being durable and rust-resistant.