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Lightweight Polypropylene 3/4 Inch "Super" Heavyweight Polypropylene 1 Inch "Super" High Tenacity Polypropylene 1 Inch
Heavyweight Polypropylene 2 Inch "Super" High Tenacity Polypropylene 2 Inch

Super polypropylene is thicker and stronger than standard polypropylene. It is available in 1-inch widths only and features a 1500 pound breaking strength and a 500 pound working load. The recommended working load is approximately 1/3 of the breaking strength. This mesh measures 0.8 inches thick.

High tenacity polypropylene straps are the most durable type available. It is available in 1 or 2-inch lengths and only comes in black with yellow tracer lines. The breaking strength of 1-inch high tenacity mesh is 1750 pounds. The working load is 580 pounds. The breaking strength of 2-inch high tenacity mesh is an impressive 4,000 pounds with a working load of 1300 pounds. Though high tenacity polypropylene is slightly thicker than standard heavyweight polypropylene, its improved strength more than makes up for the added thickness. High tenacity polypropylene also features a coarser and more robust we've for a better grip.