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Welcome to the, "Hints & How To" Section.

We've created this area to help guide you through the on-line ordering process.

Section 1: What You Need To Know.

General Info:

§ All of our webbing is sold by the foot. So when the order page is asking for a quantity, it’s really asking you for the number of feet

of webbing you want to purchase. (In whole foot amounts.)

§ All of our hardware is sized to match our webbing; so, if you have 1 inch webbing, you would match that with 1 inch hardware…

2 inch hardware goes with 2 inch webbing, and so on.

§ We sell dozens of different straps with hundreds of choices of webbing and hardware to mix and match. Keeping a stock of every kind of strap

we make would require an enormous warehouse… and enormous warehouses cost money. Because of this we make your straps to order

and pass the savings on to you.

§ is located in Eugene, Oregon; a state that has NO SALES TAX! As such, when you order from us you don’t get charged sales tax.

Webbing Info:

§ All of our webbing is domestically sourced.

§ Be aware, Splices are a fact of life. If requested, we will insure that you can get up to 30 feet without splices. Anything above that we’ll do our best

with, but you will have to expect that into each order some splicing may fall.

§ From time to time dye lots and weaves may change; it’s a fact of life… everything changes, but we do endeavor to maintain the greatest consistency possible.

§ Please be aware that once your webbing has been cut for shipment, it is NOT RETURNABLE.

What kind of Webbing is right for me?

Well… That’s not for us to say, but here’s a guide that should help you reach the proper conclusion.


§ A great utility webbing suitable to many uses

§ Colorfast.

§ Breaking strength from 1400 to 5500 pounds

§ Choice of 25 colors depending on the width of webbing

§ Full Roll is 150 feet, but can vary up to 300 feet

§ Thickness of 0.070 to 0.075 of an inch

§ Melting point of 380 degrees Fahrenheit

§ Be aware that nylon webbing absorbs water readily and once saturated can stretch up to 2% of its total length. Once wet, the webbing may begin to mildew

and rot if not properly dried.

§ Also available in Mil Spec 4088, Mil Spec 17337, Tubular, Scuba and Tape


§ Great for use outdoors

§ Colorfast

§ UV Resistant

§ Water Resistant

§ Breaking Strength range of 675 to 1800 pounds

§ Choice of 24 colors depending on the width of webbing

§ Full Roll is 300 feet

§ Thickness of 0.060 of an inch

§ Melting point of 330 degrees Fahrenheit


§ Great for use outdoors

§ Colorfast

§ UV Resistant

§ Water Resistant

§ Breaking Strength range of 300 to 1200 pounds

§ Choice of 24 colors depending on the width of webbing

§ Full Roll is 300 feet

§ Thickness of 0.040 of an inch

§ Melting point of 330 degrees Fahrenheit


§ Our best webbing to deal with high abrasion situations

§ Colorfast

§ High UV Resistance

§ Water Resistant

§ Breaking strength range of 1500 to 6500 pounds

§ Can be use in the Sublimation process (see Below)

§ Your choice of nearly 100, Sublimated Patterns, Solid Colors and Specialty Patterns

§ Roll Size is 100 feet

§ Also available in Ribbon, Elastic, Tubular and Seat-Belt Webbing

§ Thickness of 0.04 to 0.065 of an inch

§ Melting point of 500 degree Fahrenheit

You mentioned ‘Sublimation’, what is that?

Glad you asked… The Sublimation Process is the way we get all those great patterns onto our Polyester webbing, Seat-Belt polyester, Tubular Polyester and Elastic.

Here’s how it works; all of our Polyester webbing starts out white, then you choose a pattern or color in your order. At that point our crack Sublimation team flies into action;

STEP 1: Your pattern is printed onto long strips of heat resistant paper using special heat sensitive inks.

STEP 2: Once your Pattern is printed, it is matched with a roll of your specifically chosen Polyester Webbing size. In this instance let’s say its 2 inch wide webbing.

STEP 3: Your webbing and the printed image on the heat sensitive paper are then carefully placed together on the heat transfer press. They travel through the press at temperatures approaching

500 degrees Fahrenheit. When the ink reaches the proper heat range it sublimates; in other words, it changes directly from a solid into a gas with no intermediate step. That gas then permeates the

webbing leaving behind a picture perfect, indelible image that won’t washout or wear off.

It’s a complicated and time consuming process, (the sublimation process can add from 3 days to a week to your order) but it is truly worth it.

Click here to see all of our Sublimated Patterns.

HARDWARE INFO: No matter what type of hardware you’re looking for, our website contains most of the answers you may be looking for. Tech Specs for all of our hardware can be found

on each individual ordering page. Just click the tab that says, TECHNICAL SPECS in the large, friendly red letters (see Illustration). Just click the tab (fig. 1) to get to the Tech Specs illustration (fig. 2).

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

POWDER COATING: This process is an inexpensive way to really dress up your metal hardware while adding an extra layer of protection.

As the name implies, the process begins with a powdered color that is imbued with a static charge to make it adhere to our metal hardware. The hardware is then baked in an oven until the powder becomes a sturdy,

yet colorful coating; the sort of coating you would find on bicycles or shopping carts.

Be aware that the powder coating process can add an additional 4-5 days to your order.


Click here to see all of our Powder Coating Color Choices.

STRAPS VS. WEBBING: Well, to put it simply, Webbing is the raw material that hardware or loops are sewn onto in order to make straps.


Okay, you’ve discovered and all the different ways we can serve you; you have a list of items that you’d like to pick up… but you’ve never ordered with us before…

“So where to begin”? Why, at the beginning, of course.

Step 1: Click on “My Account” at the top of the home page. That will take you to…

Step 2: The login in page: If you are a returning customer, you know what to do, just fill out your E-mail address and password and you are ready to order; but if you are a first time customer, there are just a couple of simple

steps to go through. New customers will click on the New Customer “Continue” button.

Step 3: Fill in the fields that ask for your E-mail address and confirmation, and a password of your own creation. (We suggest a password of more than 8 characters with both letters and numbers, with no punctuation.)

On this page there is also a check box to receive our monthly newsletter, filled with news and information about Strapworks and our products; you’ll also get a very useful coupon code that is just for subscribers. Click the “Continue” button to proceed.

Step 4: This page is for entering your name and address; simply fill in your first and last name (and your company name if needed), your address including street address, city, state (country if needed) and zip/postal code.

You will also be asked for your phone number, (so we can call you if there is a problem with your order only). There is a choice of business or residential, this choice will affect you shipping.

The last choice on this page will ask you if this billing address will be the same as the shipping address. If so, you’ll just move on; if not, you will repeat this step for the shipping address.

Step 5: You are now ready to go shopping.


Our website IS our catalog, so feel free to browse around. I’m sure that you will come across one or two items you never knew we carried.

By way of example, lets buy some straps; to begin, we will look at the ‘Products’ menu over on the left side of the page, (it’s the darker blue box). Go down the list until you see ‘Straps and Tie-Downs’.

By clicking on this link you will arrive at the Straps and Tie-Downs page; scroll down until you reach ‘Ratchet Straps’.

Click on the Ratchet Straps link and this will take you to the main ratchet straps page. Here you choose the style of ratchet strap you need, we’ll choose Ratchet Strap with End Hardware as a good example.

Click on ‘Ratchet Strap with End Hardware’ and that will take you to the intermediate ordering page.

Here you will decide what type and width of webbing that you will want you strap made out of. I’m going to choose Patterned Polyester in the 2 inch width, for its overall strength, abrasion resistance and also its resistance to stretching.

That fact that it has great water shed and UV resistance is just a bonus.

Having chosen 2 inch Polyester, we move on to the official ordering page. Now, here’s where it can get a bit tricky for some folks if you don’t keep your eye on the ball… so to speak. There are a number of choices to go through

and some very pertinent information to read.

At the top of the page, one of the first things that you will notice is the base price of the strap, in this case $13.24 (that can change dependent upon variables), underneath the base price, you will see a button marked update price;

keep that in mind, we’ll come back to it later.

The first option to look at is “Choose your 2 inch Webbing”. As you can see, there is a lot to choose from. Browse the swatches and pick a design (you can get a better look at the pattern by clicking on the swatch for a larger photo or going to the

Color Chart page at the top of the website). When you click on you final choice it will be highlighted in the drop-down menu. So, if you click on ‘Hot Rod Flames’ for instance, it should say “Hot Rod Flames” in the drop down menu to show your choice.

Next is ‘Pick Your Strap Length” and again you can either click the swatch or use the drop down menu to make your selection. For example, let’s choose 6 feet; you note that it tells you in the drop down menu that this option

“Adds $4.40 to the price of the strap. If you were to hit the update price button now, you will see that $4.40 added to the price. This makes it easy to keep track of your costs.

Next you’ll make your choice of 2 inch ratchet followed by your choice of ‘End Hardware’. We’ll use the standard 2 inch Ratchet buckle and Coated S-Hooks for our end hardware, (some End Hardware will increase your strap cost, so please be aware).

Your next option will be to add a Buckle Pad or not. A buckle pad, sewn beneath your ratchet will add a small cost to your strap, but can save your car, truck or product from unnecessary wear and tear. So, we’ll say yes to the buckle pad.

If we hit update price now we’ll see the actual price of the strap that we’ve built; our additions have made the updated price, $18.69. Not a bad price, let’s get 10 straps. Before you hit the “Add to Cart” button you need to fill in the number of straps in the

Quantity field just to the left of that button. As a default, the Qty field always reads 1 until you change it. Highlight the number and make it 10; then double check your choices in the drop down fields… if everything looks the way you want it, click add to

cart and you are ready to check out.

The “Soft Cart” box will appear and show you what it is you have waiting in your shopping cart. If there are more items that you need, click ‘Continue Shopping’, if not, ‘Proceed to Checkout’. You can also edit you cart at this point if you decide to

either raise or lower a quantity of an item that you have previously placed in you cart.

But we’ll proceed to checkout.


Okay, you’ve set up your login and account information and you’ve gone through the ordering process now it’s time to check-out. As with all steps along way, taking a little bit of care now can save you some problems late.

STEP 1: Go over your order carefully, check you quantities and options before proceeding.

STEP 2: Apply any coupons you may have in the Coupon field and hit ‘Apply’, if you have done this correctly the page will refresh and you will see your discount applied to the order field and reflected in your final cost.

STEP 3: Choose your shipping rate. All shipping is done strictly by weight, Strapworks does not profit from shipping. (By the way, some coupon sites will tell you that you can get free shipping… they are lying. We keep our shipping rates as reasonable

as possible, but free shipping is a myth).

STEP 4: Once your shipping is applied, use your e-mail and pass word to Login… Click ‘Login and Checkout’ Follow the prompts to add you Billing and Shipping addresses, being sure to check either residential or business to get the proper shipping.

STEP 5: Double check your shipping method and cost.

STEP 6: Choose a payment method; either Credit Card or PayPal. Rest assured that is a secure site. We only hold your Credit Card info until your order ships and then we delete it unless you request otherwise.

STEP 7: Type any special notes or comments in the ‘Order Comments’ field, for instance “No Splices” or “Please cut my 50 feet of 1 inch Heavyweight Polypropylene into five 10 foot lengths” that sort of thing.

STEP 8: Please double check your order and if everything looks correct hit the “Place Order” button and you are done. Hitting, “Place Order” will automatically generate an E-mail copy of your invoice to the E-mail address you provided.

We ask that you look over this invoice to make sure all is correct. If you do find a problem, please contact Strapworks Customer Service department as soon as possible during regular business hours.

If there are no problems, you can expect order that contain only hardware or webbing to ship in 24 to 48 hours.

If your order contains Powder Coating add approximately 4 to 5 days to that time.

If you are ordering sewn straps or belts there will be an increased lead time depending upon the number of units you are ordering. On average 1 to 50 units could add up to 1 ½ to 2 days; while orders of from 50 to 150 units could add up to 3 to 5 days.

Orders of over 150 units may add up to two weeks to your lead time.

If your order is for (or contains) Sublimated Patterned Polyester webbing expect to add from 3 days to a week to your lead time.

REGARDING YOUR ORDER: If you need to check up on an order, there are several ways to go;

1. Check on-line: Using your on-line account at you can check the contents and status of your order.

2. Via E-mail: Send your E-mail to (IF YOUR ORDER IS A CUSTOM ORDER! Send your E-mail to Please be clear about what it is you need and please, add your Order # and/or Customer ID #

to the information to help us identify you and find your order in our system.

3. Via Live-Chat: You can go the top right-hand corner of any page at and click on the Live-Chat button. Here you can communicate directly with a live Customer Service agent at Strapworks global headquarters in Eugene, Oregon,

USA. (Mon. – Fri. 7am thru 4pm PST)

4. Via Fax: At (541) 741-7625; Please be clear about what it is you need and please, add your Order # and/or Customer ID # to the information to help us identify you and find your order in our system.

5. Via Telephone: At (541) 741-0658; a live customer Service Agent will answer all your inquiries during regular business hours (Mon. – Fri. 7am thru 4pm PST). Please, be sure to have your Order # and/or Customer ID #

ready to help us identify you and find your order in our system.

We do ask you to choose one method of communication and stick with it. It tends to get a little confusing when we have several inquiries about the same thing coming from several different directions.


At Strapworks, we truly appreciate your business and as an extra special thank you, we’ve devised ways of saving you more money off of our already great prices.

· QUANTITY DISCOUNTS: On most of our Hardware and Webbing order pages you will find a ‘Quantity Discounts’ list like this…

· SMALL BUSINESS & WHOLESALE: If you have a business, big or small, saving a buck here and there is a priority. Our small business and wholesale program can do just that for you; and it’ easy to do. Just go to the

Small Business and Wholesale section of our website.

Then just fill out the form you will find there, submit it and once it is approved you will receive a further 15% off any order over $100; and that’s even after you get you Quantity discounts.

So if you buy 401, two inch Metal O-Rings that would cost $296.74. Your Quantity Discount would be 25%, saving you $74.18. Your total is now, $222.56, and then your wholesale discount would kick in saving you a further 15%

off of that total making your final cost, $189.19 not including shipping. That’s pretty substantial savings!

The one trade-off is that we ask that you order on-line to get you wholesale discount.

· THE BARGAIN BARN: Looking for deep discounts on hardware and webbing? The Bargain Barn is the place for you, just click and you are on your way to savings! These items are usually discontinued or variants of our regular stock.

Bargain Barn prices are slashed to the bone and all sales are final; sorry, no returns.

SHIPPING INFO: All of the products that you purchase from are shipped strictly by weight. Strapworks does not make a profit from shipping.

You may see some sites on the net promoting Strapworks as having ‘Free Shipping’ or providing ‘Coupon Codes’ for free shipping; those sites are false and are simply trying to get you to sign up with them or click on their links.

We do not have any free shipping options and does not recommend that you frequent these fallacious sites.

SHIPPING SPEEDS: Orders on are usually shipped within 24 to 48 hours of completion. One of the questions we’re always asked is, “Once my order is shipped, how long will it take to get to me?” Good question and by way of answering it,

here are our shipping guidelines.

U. S. Postal Service:

Regular U.S. Post-----------------5 to 7 days

Postal Priority Box---------------2 to 3 days

Postal Express--------------------Next day


FedEx Ground---------------------5 to 10 days

FedEx Express 3 Day Saver-----3 days

FedEx 2 Day-----------------------2 days

FedEx Standard Overnight-----Overnight

FedEx Priority Overnight-------Overnight (before 10am)

PROBLEMS & RETURNS: Let’s face it, none of us are perfect and when a problem arises from time to time.

PROBLEMS: Everyone makes the occasional mistake; we would like to help smooth things out. Below are a few of the more common problems we encounter.

· Your card was declined: Usually this happens because of a misplaced number or an incorrect expiration date and is easily remedied.

· Your PayPal didn’t go through. Again, easily fixed, we can either send in a PayPal Request for you to fulfill with PayPal or we can switch your payment method over to a credit card.

· Part or all of your order maybe out of stock. We will then contact you for further instructions.

· You may have accidentally chosen the powder coating option for a product that cannot be powder coated. We will then contact you for further instructions.

· Duplicate orders: For one reason or another we sometimes find duplicate orders in our system. If this occurs we will call you to see if you, in fact, meant to duplicate the order of if you would like us to cancel one.

Sometimes, the problem may come from our end, as I said before, no one is perfect. If we at Strapworks make a mistake we want to do everything we can to set it right and make you happy.

The Following information can help you to help us fix things.

· Please have your order number ready when you contact us.

· Clearly explain the situation; remember we WANT to help you.

· If you have received the wrong size webbing or hardware we may ask you for a digital photograph to aide us in determining if there is a problem. Please use a ruler for size reference, like this.

This helps us greatly in situations where you may have received an incorrect size, color or type of webbing/hardware. You will be asked to send these photos to

RETURNS & EXCHANGES: These details are extremely important but I will only be going over the most important highlights here. (For full details see our Policies and Returns by clicking here.)

All Returns requests must be made within 7 days of receiving product.

All return shipping is your responsibility except as noted here...

1. If we sent you the wrong product, Strapworks will refund for the most economical shipping.

2. If we sent you merchandise that is defective in function, please send an email to

Hardware - Hardware may be returned for Exchange or Product Cost Refund Only. If Hardware has been altered in ANY WAY then it is NON-RETURNABLE. PLEASE NOTE: has NO minimums.

We encourage you to order 1 or 2 of an item if you are in any way uncertain of its ability to meet your needs. A restocking fee of up to 25% may apply.

Webbing - Webbing is NON-RETURNABLE unless you were sent the wrong webbing according to your order. Webbing over 100 feet may be EXCHANGED ONLY. Altered or Cut Webbing is non-returnable.

Please check your order before filling out the RMA Return Form and making a return. A restocking fee of up to 25% may apply.

Straps - All Straps are custom made for each customer according to their specifications. Because of this, Straps are NON-RETURNABLE. If your straps were made incorrectly according to your specifications,

please email

We reserve the right to resell any returned products. Including, but not limited to: custom and or proprietary straps.

THE ACTUAL RETURN: When you are ready to make a return there are two very important things that you will need.

1: You will need an RMA number. To get an RMA number you will first need to contact a Strapworks Customer Service Agent (CSA). You will need to have your order number at the ready.

The CSA will look up your order and they or a Strapworks Manager will need to approve your return. They will issue you an RMA number that will be linked to your order. You will, in turn, need to place this number

on your RMA return form. (Any returns that arrive without a proper RMA number or form WILL NOT be processed.)

2. As you read in the above item, you will need a RMA Return form; that form can be found HERE. Fill the form out and include your RMA number, order number and all pertinent information requested.

Place a copy of the form in the box/envelope with your returnable product and send it to:

Attn: Returns Department

3900 West 1st Ave.

Eugene, Oregon 97402.

All returns must be shipped within 7 days of receiving your RMA number or they become invalid. Returns not including a fully filled out RMA Form (with RMA#) may be refused and shipped back at customer’s expense.

Orders returned for refund may be subject to a restocking fee.

Abandonment Policy:

Any product deems abandoned by the customer after six months of storage is not refundable and is subject to resale. Funds paid for said product will be considered storage fees and are not refundable.

Abandonment is constituted if the customer has either designated to pick up the product at and has neglected to do such within a period of six months, has not provided alternate shipping arrangements within

a period of six months, and/or has not contacted or made arrangements with concerning the product within a period of six months.

Restocking Fee Policy

Any Return(s) may be subject to a 10%-30% restocking fee if any and/or all of these conditions are met
1. Order was shipped correctly and all product matches what you ordered.
2. Order was returned more than 7 days after receiving it.
3. Product was used or modified before returning.
4. Product was used in a manner that was not intended and/or exceeded maximum usage guidelines.
5. An RMA Form was not properly filled out, not included at all with your return, or did not include an authorized RMA Number.

LIABILITY POLICY has a no minimum purchase policy. We actively encourage you to buy only what you need to accurately test the suitability of our products for your application before committing to larger quantities.

It is your responsibility to test our hardware for appropriate strength; to test our webbing for sew-ability and colorfastness; to check our finished straps and other products for functionality. If you are using our products for resale to your own clients,

it is further your responsibility to insure the suitability of those products for your client's end use. We do not endorse client's designs. Any advice given is not to be construed as an endorsement of that product for your use.

Any and all specifications, including listed breaking strengths, are guidelines only.'s liability shall be limited to replacement or refund (as per other guidelines on this page). is not liable for incidental damage

or injury incurred through the use of our products. When purchasing products on this website, or by phone or e-mail, you expressly agree to this policy.

Privacy Policy:

No Customer Information is ever shared with any other individual or company. Any information gathered from orders/emails/faxes/or any other communication with is securely stored at the Strapworks facility.

Emails gathered by our Newsletter Program or any other manner are only used by and are not released to anyone. You may be removed from the Newsletter by requesting so through

The Website is secured by 128bit Encryption which keeps your information secure as you place your order.

We hope that this ‘Hints & How To’ page has helped make your experience less stressful and more enjoyable; and as always, “Thank You for shopping with Strapworks.