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Claw Bottle Opener and Tab Lifter Shark Bottle Opener and Tab Lifter

While we may be best known for our webbing here at Strapworks, we offer lots of other convenient accessories we know our customers would like to have. These bottle openers and tab pullers are a great example of a convenient little add-on for strapping that many of our users appreciate. There's something so wonderful about having these bottle openers on hand right when you need them. You'll be the hero of the day any time someone is stuck with a stubborn bottle top or can tab. Instead of beating up your hands and fingernails to get them open, make it smooth and easy with the help of these strap accessories.

We offer two main styles of bottle and tab openers for your convenience. Our Claw bottle opener features a very classic and recognizable design. The straight body leads out to a small claw that's perfectly sized for bottle caps. Meanwhile, a slit on the top will slide easily under can tabs to pop them open with a flick of the wrist. Our other bottle opener style is the Shark. This is a more modern style that features an open body and smooth, curved lines. It features a dual-use opening on the end which can be used for bottle tops or can tabs and which also happens to resemble the open mouth of a vicious shark.

Both of these bottle openers are made with solid aluminum that will hold up to even the toughest bottle tops. A split O-ring is included as well so you can easily add it as a keychain on your keys or at the end of one of our popular Strapworks lanyards. And don't forget that there is a beautiful array of colors from which to choose to make it easy to find a stylish bottle opener that suits your tastes.