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Did you know when the first movie was made? Thomas Edison isn't just famous for the light bulb you now. This New Jersey born inventor also had a hand in the films we all enjoy. The first movie was produced by Edison Studios in 1895. Not surprisingly, the dance performed by Annabelle Moore created a stir. Sure, movies have come a long way and who doesn't love movie-inspired merchandise.

Three Stooges Merchandise

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Coaster Set The Three Stooges
The Three StoogesŪ Coaster Set
Our Price: $8.00

The Three Stooges Sublimated Coaster Set more info
Mouse Pad The Three Stooges
The Three StoogesŪ Mouse Pads
Our Price: $10.00

The Three Stooges Sublimated Mouse Pads more info
Pitcher Pad The Three Stooges
The Three StoogesŪ Pitcher Pads
Our Price: $10.00

The Three Stooges Sublimated Mouse Pads more info
The same can be said for TV. What was the first ever television show? While the United States and Great Britain broadcast experimental tests, the first day of television was July 1, 1941. So, what was the first official broadcast program? Why a baseball game of course. The Brooklyn Dodgers played Philadelphia at Ebbets Field.

Both film and television has come a long way and gives people hours and hours of enjoyment. At, we are fans of the genre too and that's why in addition to the fabulous assortment of straps, belts, webbing and more, we also offer a fun selection of film and TV merchandise. Are you a fan of the Three Stooges? Again, who isn't? Larry, Moe and Curly have been making folks laugh since 1928. They began as a vaudeville and comedy act before moving their slapstick shtick into film. The classic Three Stooges films continue to make people laugh. If you are or know a stooges fan, then they will really appreciate's collection of Three Stooges merchandise. You can keep Larry, Moe and Curly close by with a Three Stooges mouse pad, pitcher par or coaster set. What a fun gift for any Stooge fan!

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