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Slides - Loops - Rings

Slides - Loops - Rings
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Looking for strapping hardware that allows you to customize the fit of your straps or tie-downs? Check out our impressive selection of industrial-grade slides, loops and rings here at Strapworks. Designed for individual applications ranging from light-duty to heavy-duty, each of our unique metal strap hardware products will help you keep things secure when using your strapping. As with all our metal strapping hardware, these options are great choices when you want accessories that are both durable and sleek. Made from best-in-class metals and coatings, while designed to perform under even the most strenuous of conditions, our loops and metal slides are sure to hold up to even some of the toughest tasks. When it comes to keeping your webbing secure, there simply is no better choice.

For metal sliders, you'll find two openings through which the strapping can be threaded. This offers a great amount of flexibility when it comes to adjusting your strap. The metal loops work in a similar fashion, but these webbing strap adjusters feature just one opening. Both can be used with a single length of webbing to create a customized fit. Metal strap slides and loops are often found on shoulder straps, belts and backpacks. Both elegant and durable, they are great for functional equipment uses and accessorizing.