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Side Release Buckles
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Here at Strapworks, we are proud to be one of the world's most-trusted purveyors of side release buckles in several styles, sizes and materials. For the most part, the side release buckles in our inventory feature plastic buckles, but we also carry buckles with metal hardware as well. Explore our diverse selection of buckles and find styles with simple release mechanisms and ones with a more complicated release styles like our child-safe buckles and our locking buckles. We also carry unique items like three-way buckles, reflective buckles and colored side release buckles to meet strap applications of all kinds. Most of our side release buckles are designed with a built-in mounting loop for securing belts and other webbing. They can be sewn directly to the belt of your choice to create a custom strap ready-made to order by our trusted professionals. You can also order our side release buckles individually to add existing straps that you already own.

Side release buckles, also known as parachute buckles, can be used for a variety of different applications. Although they are most commonly used to make belts and straps, side release buckles can be found on many products to make a quick release closure. Depending on the style of the plastic buckle clip, multiple sizes may be available to accommodate a range of webbing or strap widths.