Side Release Buckle Straps

Side Release Buckle Straps
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Side release buckle straps are a functional strap that use a quick-release strap buckle. Also called a parachute buckle, these buckles are used on anything from backpacks to duffle bags to tie downs, and you will find an extensive selection of side release buckle straps at Strapworks. Our brand of strap typically utilizes a quick release strap buckle sewn to the end of the webbing, and are simple to use. Since you are using a buckle, you would feed the detached end around any object and back to the buckle again, securing the object or bag.

Once secured a simple pulling action on the loose end of the webbing fed through the slots in the buckle is all that is needed to tighten the strap to your desired snugness. The adjuster slots on the quick release strap buckle grips the webbing as you tighten, giving you the confidence you need for your application. Once the webbing is tight it will not slip until you work slack into the adjuster. Side release buckle straps are used in light to medium applications where you need something held securely, but also require a quick release option.