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When you need strength, durability and versatility, choose polypropylene webbing from Strapworks. Polypropylene webbing is available in 4 varieties including standard lightweight polypropylene, standard heavyweight polypropylene, super polypropylene or high tenacity polypropylene. Standard lightweight and heavyweight polypropylene are available in a variety of widths and colors including woodland camouflage. They have a high breaking strength and a low price point. Super polypropylene is thicker and stronger than standard polypropylene, and High tenacity polypropylene is the most durable type available, both these types are more utilitarian in style with limited color choices. While the varieties of polypropylene vary in thickness and strength, all types are mold, mildew, moisture and rot resistant, making them excellent choices for outdoor applications.

These thin poly webbing straps are ideal for making adjuster straps or for modifying cargo or carrying bags, or combine your polypropylene strap with a metal or plastic buckle to create a custom strap. The breaking strength and working load increases in proportion to the width of the strap. Mesh rolls measure approximately 300 feet in length and may contain splices. If you wish to order a roll of polypropylene longer than 30 feet and do not want splices, please specify this in your order under "order notes".