Tubular Webbing is measured from edge to edge. The size listed for this product does not refer to the inner dimension of the webbing.
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For superior strength, choose tubular webbing from Strapworks. Tubular webbing consists of a flattened tube of webbing material, giving the extra strength and support needed for heavy duty activities. It is stronger than flat webbing and is commonly used in industrial applications or for prolonged weight-bearing activities such as climbing or aerial performances. Tubular webbing is the product of choice for slackline webbing and nylon climbing webbing. Here at Strapworks, tubular webbing is available in nylon and polyester, and comes in an assortment of colors and patterns. The nylon version comes in many solid colors, and has a reputation of being on of the least abrasive webbings to touch, while tubular polyester can be sublimated to many of our standard colors and patterns or even customized. When determining the precise width of tubular webbings at Strapworks, we measure from one outer edge to the other, which includes both the center gap and the thickness of the material. We also proudly offer custom strap orders using tubular webbing and one of our many strap hardware items to create a strap exactly to your specifications.