4 Oz. Spool of Thread Olive Drab

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Whether you are a master seamstress or just like to sew in your free time, thread is essential material that you always need on hand. If you are looking for high-quality thread available in large amounts at low prices, our team has you covered. Here at Strapworks, we proudly offer thread available to order in a 4-oz. spool. Just how many feet is that, exactly? That is a question often asked by our customers, and to tell you the truth, we don't have an exact answer. Our closest estimate is 3,600 ft. That's right - 3,600 ft. That's over half a mile in a single thread spool. That is plenty to last for several days of non-stop sewing, guaranteed. The thread on our 4-oz. spools is T92 bonded polyester, and is plenty strong at about 14.4#/stitch. We have numerous colors that are available, and are currently in the process of adding more. When it comes to thread, there is just no better deal on the internet. Find the right fit for your sewing projects, at a price you'll love. Order your thread with us today!
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