Frequently Asked Questions

There's a lot to know about webbing and straps! Here's some of the most common questions:

Q: What is Webbing?
A: Webbing is a strong fabric woven as a flat strip or tube of varying width and fibers often used in place of rope. Modern webbing is often made from exceptionally high-strength material, such as Nylon, Polyester, and Polypropylene. Webbing is both light and strong, with breaking strengths at; Lightweight Polypropylene 300lbs. to 600lbs., Heavyweight Polypropylene 400lbs. to 900lbs., Flat Nylon 1200lbs. to 4500lbs., Polyester 2000lbs. to 10,000lbs.

Q: How do I pick the right webbing?
A: It really depends on your need. First of all determine the amount of pressure the webbing will be under in pounds and look above to see which webbing fit your range. Then decide whether your webbing will be used indoors or outdoors. Nylon is a very strong webbing that comes in many bright colors, but can fade in the sun after repeated exposure, and can stretch when wet about 2% the length of the webbing over repeated use. Polypropylene is a lighter duty webbing, but has U.V. Protection, water resistant, and overall is a great outdoor webbing. But, it typically in more standard colors and has a rough feel if repeatedly used against the skin. Polyester is a great outdoor or indoor webbing it is strong and abrasion resistant.

Q: What length webbing do I have to buy?
A: We have no minimums on any of our webbing and all of it is sold by the foot, so all you have to order is one foot. But, we do offer discounts on all our webbing based on the quantity you buy based on full rolls. A Roll of webbing is sized at Flat Nylon 150 feet, Polypropylene 300 feet, Polyester 300 feet, Tubular Nylon 300 feet. Please note that orders over 30 feet could come in multiple pieces.

Q: Do you work with Fabric and/or Leather?
A: Unfortunately our machines, although industrial, are not setup to sew on fabric (too thin) and Leather (needs a specialized machine). We may have the ability in the future, but as of now we focus on sewing through webbing.

Q: What is a Strap?
A: Straps are a combination of webbing and hardware, typically sewn together permanently. Straps are used as fasteners to attach or bind items, to objects, animals, and/or people, or to tie-down equipment and vehicles securely. Straps can come in many different combinations dependent on your need and/or limits.

Q: How do I determine the strength of my strap?
A: A strap's overall strength is limited by its weakest point. This can be the webbing or it can be the buckle. You need to understand that there are "breaking" strengths and there are "working loads". The breaking strength is where the webbing or the buckle will actually fail under a static load (a dead lift, for instance). On the other hand, working loads are a recommended maximum load to use considering other factors like impacts, shocks to the strap from dropping or jarring, etc. Most manufacturers recommend 33% of the breaking strength as the actual working load. If your buckle is rated at 1000 lbs, and your webbing is rated at 600 lbs, you have to figure your working load as 33% of the webbing's rating, or about 200 lbs.

Q: What if I don't find the strap I want on your site? Or I don't know what kind of strap I want or need?
A: All of our straps are made to order. Even though we do offer "stock" straps on our site, none of them are stocked on the shelves. So, we literally can take any length, width, or type of webbing and add any hardware you want and sew them together to make any strap you need (within reason). If you have an idea for a new strap or just a variation of one of our existing straps, our Custom Department can help you. You can email [email protected]. (please allow a few days for a reply as the Custom Department is our busiest department.)

Q: How do I determine which hardware size is right for me?
A: All of our hardware is sized to match the webbing that will fit in it. Example - If you are buying 1" webbing you would want 1" hardware to work with it.

Q: How do I find out other measurements of your hardware?
A: Almost all of our hardware has a Tech Specs page located on the ordering page (you'll see it as a RED tab located just below product image and pricing, next to the tab labeled "Description"). If you do not see the tech specs you need please feel free to email us at [email protected]

Q: Are your products Domestically made or Imported?
A: We strive to purchase all of our goods from U.S. companies. But, on occasion there is a product that is either out of stock in the U.S. or just not available all together, in that case we do import some of our products from Taiwan, China, and other countries. If you need to know if the product you are interested in is a Domestic or International made product please free to email us at [email protected].

Q: Help! What do I do if I'm having trouble using your website?
A: Whether you are experiencing errors with our website, have trouble using it, or just simply prefer to place your orders the old fashioned way, our Oregon-based support team is happy to help you! Please call us at 541-741-0658 during our business hours, or email us at [email protected], and we can assist you. Not only can we walk through our product offerings with you, but we can also place orders and collect payment directly from you rather than requiring you to check out using our website directly.

Q: What if I don't find the product I need on your site?
A: That doesn't mean we don't have it or can't get it for you. We work with almost every Manufacturer and Distributor in the U.S. and abroad. In most cases we can find the product you need or can forward you to a company that can better assist you or sells it themselves. We are always happy to help with all needs, just email [email protected].

Q: If an item is out of stock, when will it be back in stock?
A: We strive to keep all of our products in stock at all times, but unfortunately there are occasions when supply cannot keep up with demand. In most cases supply is restocked within 3-6 days. On rare occasions it does take slightly longer. You can still place the "out of stock" item in your shopping cart and check out with it, if it is out of stock for more than 3 days we will contact you with a date of arrival and ask if you would like to wait or get a refund. Usually "out of stock" items do not hold up an entire order, we typically ship what we have in stock and ship the back-ordered item when it arrives, at NO additional shipping cost to you.

Q: Do you offer Warranties or Guaranties?
A: makes no warranties expressed or implied on our webbing, hardware, or finished products. If you are using our products to make your own strap and/or designs, we STRONGLY recommend you protect yourself with Product Liability Insurance. Just as important, you should test your design prior to sale to insure it meets the parameters of your application. If you are ordering standard or custom straps from us, we STRONGLY recommend you buy one or two for testing on your application prior to ordering production runs.

Q: How long do orders take to get processed?
A: Most orders are processed and shipped within 1-3 business days. However, if your order includes straps, powder coating, or sublimated webbing, it may take longer. We will contact you if your order cannot be shipped within our normal time frame of 1-3 days. Of course, you can call in if you have any questions on timing. Make sure you whitelist [email protected] so you will get any notices.

Q: How do I find out when my package was shipped and the Tracking Number?
A: If you placed your order online you can "login" to your account at the top of our site under "My Account", this should give you all past order information and shipping information. Please note that Tracking Numbers are only available with UPS and Fed-Ex shipments. USPS shipments only have Delivery Confirmation Numbers to prove that a package has been delivered.

Q: How Much is Shipping?
A: We offer multiple shipping rates, including flat rates for the majority of United States customers, and live rates for international deliveries. Live rates for UPS, USPS, and Fed-Ex shipping are all determined by weight. The weight of your complete order (including box) is calculated with your zip code to determine your shipping cost. Phone orders have the ability to request Flat Rate Shipping via USPS (dependent on box size limitations) or to request using a business UPS or FedEx account number to process shipping.

Q: Do you offer wholesale pricing?
A: Yes, you may contact [email protected] for more information and an application. Wholesale pricing does have minimums.

Q: Do you have a Catalog?
A: We do not have a downloadable or print catalog. Unfortunately at this time paper catalogs are just too expensive and we would rather not pass that cost onto our customers. As for a digital Catalog, our website is kept up to date as much as possible and we are always willing to help your via email or phone with any questions.
Q: My business is tax-exempt. How can I register to not have taxes on my order?
A: We have partnered with Avalara Avatax to streamline the tax registration process. Please register your organization with their CertExpress system using the following link: 
Be sure to use the email address associated with your account for faster verification.
Important: Please register your certification with us prior to making a purchase. We are unable to refund taxes which were paid prior to us having your certification registered in our system.

Didn't find the answer you're looking for? We'd be glad to clear things up! Check out our Contact Us Page to send us a message. Thank you!