You are here: Home > Belts is unique in that we allow you to choose the strap you want. You can choose from 100ís of options to design the exact strap that you need. The next few steps are designed to help you choose those options and finalize your strap to be added to your shopping cart. Pictures are provided so that you can see those options that are available and those that you are choosing. Keep changing those options or start a new strap until you are happy with what you have and add it to your shopping cart. If you canít find what you are looking for or you require something even more custom, please feel free to email custom@strapworks.


With this selection of unique strap belts and custom fabric belts, it's easy to combine form and function. Whether you want a sports belt in our popular colors and prints, a simple and efficient d-ring belt, or an airport-safe belt that you don't have to take off through security, you'll find what you want to wear at Strapworks. We have the largest selection of styles, colors, patterns and sizes to meet your needs. Whether you're focused on fashion, function or utility, you'll be able to order the belt that you need and will love.

At Strapworks, we offer a wide variety of polyester, polypropylene, nylon and ribbon belts in the largest selection of sizes, colors and patterns. You decide what type of belt you want, choose what width you like, select the color you prefer, and determine the length that fits you best. Your belt is then made to order according to what you need and what you want your belt to do. Strapworks belts can hold up your pants, hold your tools around your waist, look fashionable on those mid-day golf trips and even be taken off and used to tie things down. Consider our sports belt when you need a good fit and a strong hold when moving around. To look good around town, check out our double ring belts in D-ring, O-ring or three-bar slide styles. When working hard, grab our rugged side-release buckle belts designed to take the abuse and even be washed afterward.

Once you've determined which belt style you want, you get to pick the webbing type. Polyester is great for its variety of available patterns and its ability to be customized with any graphic or logo you may have. Polypropylene is suited for outdoor applications, resists water and can be washed when it gets dirty. Flat nylon is perfect for strength and thickness when you want a heavy-duty belt that can even turn into a dog leash. For a belt that is made specifically for you, Strapworks is your go-to shop.