You are here: Home > Plastic Hardware > Cord Locks is unique in that we allow you to choose the strap you want. You can choose from 100ís of options to design the exact strap that you need. The next few steps are designed to help you choose those options and finalize your strap to be added to your shopping cart. Pictures are provided so that you can see those options that are available and those that you are choosing. Keep changing those options or start a new strap until you are happy with what you have and add it to your shopping cart. If you canít find what you are looking for or you require something even more custom, please feel free to email custom@strapworks.

Plastic Cord Locks

From bags to sweatpants, to tents, backpacks and beyond, cord locks are used on a wide range of items found in households across the world. Chances are you've come into contact with plastic cord locks several times in the last month alone. This may not seem surprising - after all, we never really think about cord locks until one on a backpack or clothing item of ours breaks. In these inconvenient cases, plastic cord locks take center stage. Thankfully, the solution is quite simple. Rather than replace the bag, it's much easier to just replace the defective cord lock. To this end, our team here at Strapworks proudly carries a wide range of cord locks ideal for a diverse selection of fixes for drawstring stopper and plastic cord items large and small. In our extensive inventory, you will find an array of cord locks including ball, barrel, block, bowling pin, double cord stoppers and more. You'll love the fabulous color choices - ideal for matching products or apparel items in almost any shade. Make that much-needed repair or start your own DIY project with our selection of high-quality plastic cord lock stoppers here at Strapworks today!