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If you are looking for a durable, stretchable material for your strap-related project, elastic could be the perfect solution for you. Elastic is a special type of webbing that is made up of interwoven strands of rubber or an imitative synthetic fiber. Elastic is commonly used in a variety of different close-fitting products including suspenders, underwear, bathing suits, hair scrunchies and bras. Additionally, elastic may be used to make watch bands and similar accessories. Many of our clients also use our woven elastic to repair elastic suspenders. Available in black and white and sizes ranging from -inch to 3 inches in width, our woven elastic here at Strapworks has 40 percent stretch and excellent memory. We also proudly carry a new 3/8-inch braided elastic that has a tubular structure for improved strength. Our elastic is made of 73 percent polyester and 27 percent rubber latex-based products. Find the right size and fit for your project and order high-quality elastic from our trusted manufactures today!

Please note that elastic webbing is sold by the foot. Sections of greater than 30 feet may contain splices. If you wish not to receive splices on lengths over 30 feet, please specify this in the "order notes" section during checkout.

Choose your Style or Size:

Non Patterned Elastic: We currently carry black elastic available in sizes ranging from 1/2" to 3", and white elastic in 1". Our elastic has a 40 percent stretch, which is considered medium duty. It sews well and has a good "memory", which means it retains its original size and shape through a great many stretch cycles. Our non-patterned elastic is slightly different in structure and in appearance than our colored version.

Available Sizes:CLICK HERE

Solid Color Elastic:To accommodate your color preferences, our manufacturing team here at Strapworks now makes solid color elastic, sublimated in-house and available to order in many colors and patterns. Our colored elastic is a subtly different product than our current black elastic, though it retains the same essential characteristics. Currently, we have quite a few colors available, with custom orders also available per client request. To place your custom order, email us at

Available Sizes: 3/4 INCH - 1 INCH - 1-1/2 INCH - 2 INCH

Patterned Elastic:Looking to add a pattern or design to your elastic? We've got you covered. We now proudly make wonderful patterned elastic in-house, and currently we have lots of designs/patterns to choose from, with plenty more to come in the following months.

Available Sizes: 3/4 INCH - 1 INCH - 1-1/2 INCH - 2 INCH

Our patterned elastic is our very own sublimated creation. It is made in house by our highly-trained technicians and is available to order with custom patterns, logos, designs and more per client request. Send your requests to to learn more about what we can do for you! (Pleases note that the sublimation process may take an extra two to three days to fulfill your order.)

Our sublimated elastic is all colorfast, so this stuff will not bleed! The color may vary from die lot to die lot, and will, when stretched, appear to lose definition (see below). For more information or suggestions on this material, send an email to

Customize your own suspenders and repair your clothing! Learn more about our woven elastic by contacting our team at