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Metal Footman Loops Metal Footman Loops Metal 2-1/2" Spring Pin
Metal Footman Loops
Our Price: $0.82
Metal Spring Pin
Our Price: $2.10
Footman loops are a.... Footman loops are a.... Springs pins are a....
Metal Bolt Plates Stainless Steel Footman Loop
Metal Bolt Plates
Our Price: $2.50
Metal Bolt Plates The stainless footman loops....

There are several types of anchoring hardware available these days, but you'll find the biggest and best selection available at Strapworks. We make it easy to compare and contrast your options when it comes to metal hardware for anchoring webbing and tie-downs. From footman loops to spring pins to bolt plates, we've got you covered with a variety of unique options for keeping things secured.

Let's start with footman loops, which are perhaps the most common type of anchoring hardware. These loops are installed on stable objects to provide an anchoring point for straps or webbing. Just loop the strap through and you can easily secure any type of cargo. You'll see this type of metal hardware on boats, car, firetrucks and attic doors, to name a few. We carry a wide range of options in this category since it's such a popular style. Choose from zinc die-cast steel, anodized black steel, stainless steel and plastic to get the right look and durability for your needs.

Spring pins are next on the list. This is a unique connecting product that typically connects two items to create a secure link. Because they close with a spring bale, this type of hardware is strong and secure while still being fairly easy to connect and disconnect. Some of the applications where you might see spring pins include gates, tubing and trailer hitches.

Finally, we have metal bolt plates. These are anchored like footman loops but the use is a bit different. Bolt plates are more commonly used for seat belts, harness mounting and cargo restraints. The unique design makes it easy to continually tighten the load into place.

Now that you know more about your attachment hardware options, it's time to start shopping. Click on any product for more details.