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Cam Straps

In today's strap world, there are two primary types of straps used: cam straps and ratchet straps. When deciding whether to use a cam strap or ratchet strap, you need to consider the job at hand. Cam straps are better suited to lightweight jobs, while ratchet straps are perfect for heavyweight tasks. Thus, if you are securing something fragile or of a lighter weight then a cam strap is the best choice. Here at Strapworks, you will find an assortment of cam straps, as well as an array of cam buckles, designed and built by our in-house manufacturing team. In our inventory, you'll find standard cam straps, motorcycle cam straps (with S-hooks), daisy chain straps, soft tie straps, e-track cam straps and much more. Most or our metal cam straps use a cam buckle sewn to the end of a piece of webbing to create simple-yet-sturdy strap that can be used across a number of applications. Simply feed the loose end of your metal cam strap around your object and back through the cam buckle from the underside of the buckle. Metal cam buckle teeth are designed so that webbing can be pulled up and through the mouth of the buckle to tighten. The teeth will grip the webbing and not let it slip back down. We also carry cam straps with S-hooks for easy tie-downs in any environment. Metal cam straps are used in light to medium applications where you need something held strong and tight, even through rough conditions. Cam straps are also ideal for those fragile loads that need to arrive or be stored securely. Browse our selection of metal cam hooks and straps below, and order yours at a highly-affordable price from our team here at Strapworks today!

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