You are here: Home > Cordage & Rope is unique in that we allow you to choose the strap you want. You can choose from 100's of options to design the exact strap that you need. The next few steps are designed to help you choose those options and finalize your strap to be added to your shopping cart. Pictures are provided so that you can see those options that are available and those that you are choosing. Keep changing those options or start a new strap until you are happy with what you have and add it to your shopping cart. If you can't find what you are looking for or you require something even more custom, please feel free to email custom@strapworks.


Cord rope is a must-have for any home or business, but don't go looking for a surplus of options at other stores. Many brick-and-mortar locations only carry a few styles of rope and cordage materials, so you're just not getting the full picture when it comes to the options available. At Strapworks, we offer an extensive selection of cord styles, colors and sizes - especially when compared to your typical rope and cordage material sellers. Our diverse collection our cords and ropes makes it easy to get exactly what you need for your home or business - all at a price you can afford. Below, you'll find pictures with links to all of our available cord and rope products. Click the links for more information and ordering options. Read on to learn more about the unique advantages of some of our available ropes and cords, and get yours from our team today!

STEP 1: Choose your Rope Style

High-Quality Ropes and Cords for Your Needs

Each of our cordage and rope variants here at Strapworks has something unique to offer. If you go with our parachute cord, you'll get a versatile utility cord that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It's most commonly used as a drawstring for clothing and backpacks, and is not actually for use in parachutes. Our prusik cord, on the other hand, is made for tougher applications. It has a 2,800-lb. break strength, making it great for uses like attaching accessories to boats. Finally, there's our kernmantle rope, which is our toughest option for applications ranging from pulling vehicles out of the mud to hanging a tire swing. -inch Kernmantle rope tests out at 10,000 lbs.

Once you've picked your rope and cordage material, you can choose the exact size you want. Many of our products in this category also come in a variety of colors, which makes things a little more fun when you're planning on outfitting your car, boat or garage with the rope you need. No matter what your rope and cord needs are, turn to our team at Strapworks for parachute cord, kernmantle rope, tie-downs, webbing and other accessories. Questions? Contact our customer support team at