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Metal Swivel Snaps Metal Bolt Snaps Metal Trigger Snaps
Metal Fixed Loop Snaps
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Metal Bolt Snaps
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Metal Trigger Snaps
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Metal Beefy Snaps Steel 1 Inch HK Snaps Metal 1" Heavy Duty Panic Snaps
Metal Beefy Bolt Snaps
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Steel 1" HK Snaps
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Steel 1 Inch HK Snaps Tactical Rifle Sling Swivel Black Oxide MASH Hook
Tactical Rifle Sling Swivel
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MASH Hooks 1-1/4 Inch
Our Price: $6.95

When it comes to many types of straps (primarily those used on bags, luggage and outdoor equipment), it's really handy to be able to change them out quickly and easily. For these applications, you may want to consider using high-quality metal snap hooks like the heavy-duty metal quick clips for straps available here at Strapworks. These convenient heavy duty snap hooks make it easy to clip straps onto any loop in an instant. Of course, this also means you can easily disconnect the straps whenever you need to, which is just as convenient. From bags to backpacks, to outdoor gear and camping equipment, there are so many great uses for these bolt snap products. But before you buy some, it's important to understand the differences between each of the metal hardware snap hooks that we offer here at Strapworks. From trigger snap hooks to rifle swivel hooks, you'll find an array of all of our available metal snaps hooks organized into clickable categories, as well as a short guide to choosing the right metal snap hooks for your needs. Read on to learn more, and order your metal snap hooks from our team here at Strapworks today!

Durable, versatile and easy to snap on and off, our snap bolt hooks are without question one of the most popular varieties of snap hooks that we sell. Metal bolt snaps are incredibly easy-to-use because they feature a movable bolt that keeps strapping nice and secure. Plus, the swiveling head ensures that your straps can be more flexible and versatile as opposed to rigid and uncomfortable. We offer both regular and "beefy" bolt snaps depending on how heavy duty your application is. The metal trigger snaps are also quite similar to the bolt hooks, and both are great for a wide range of applications, including dog leashes, bag straps and purses.

Metal fixed loop swivel snaps, on the other hand, feature a more angular shape and a simple push-back gate as opposed to a plunging bolt. Many people like these because they are generally the easiest to operate with one hand. Meanwhile, panic snaps offer a quick-release feature that you won't find with other options, making them a great choice for K-9 units. For the most rugged applications, you may want to opt for one of our steel HK snaps Due to their superior strength and durability, HK snaps are most commonly used in law enforcement and military applications.

With this information, we hope to provide you with an introductory guide that will help you find the perfect metal snap hook for your needs. If you have any questions regarding our metal snap hooks, please contact our customer support team at support@strapworks.com. For inquiries regarding custom orders, contact custom@strapworks.com.