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Looking for strapping that provides adhesive qualities and can easily adjust to the size you need? Consider elastic straps or hook-and-loop Velcro straps for an affordable and colorful solution. These straps come in a wide variety of styles, so it's easy to get strapping that match the look you're going for. Plus, here at Strapworks we offer an incredible array of sizes, so you can get thin or wide strapping in the style of your choice. While these strapping options are most commonly-used for clothing and accessories, don't be afraid to get creative when using our hook-and-loop or elastic straps. Elastic is excellent for any applications that require superior stretching, while hook-and-loop Velcro straps are a great solution for quick-and-easy adhesion on clothes and other gear. Need both? Get your elastic hook-and-loop straps right here! Below, you’ll find more information and helpful links to our available elastic webbing and hook-and-loop products. Read on to learn more, and start shopping with our team here at Strapworks today!

If you're not sure which type of webbing material is right for you, consider the differences between elastic straps and hook-and-loop Velcro straps. Elastic is used primarily for stretchable applications, while Velcro (hook-and-loop) is utilized where adhesion is needed. At Strapworks, our elastic webbing has 40 percent stretch, so it has plenty of give without getting loose. Plus, this elastic webbing features excellent memory so it won't get stretched out over time thanks to interwoven strands of rubber and synthetic fibers. Due to its stretching capabilities, elastic straps are most commonly used for suspenders, bathing suits, hair ties, underwear and watch bands.

Hook-and-loop Velcro straps feature the familiar technology with two sides: one a bit scratchy and one a bit softer. The two sides stick together securely while still being easy to pull apart. That's why hook-and-loop is used in a wide variety of applications, including costumes, snowboarding pants, wristbands or clothing cuffs. Here at Strapworks, you can get double-sided self-wrapping webbing or classic hook and loop straps that come with two pieces (one scratchy, one soft).

Now that you know more about both of these unique types of webbing, you can find the perfect fit your next DIY project. If you've decided you need both Velcro and elastic straps, you can order combination hook-and-loop Velcro strap here as well! Simply select your preferred material and you'll be able to choose from our vast selection of elastic and Velcro strapping widths and colors currently available. Have questions about any of the materials on this page? Contact our customer support team at support@strapworks.com. Interested in building your own custom strap? We’ve got you covered. Get started by contact us at custom@strapworks.com.

Note: Webbing Lengths over 30 feet may contain splices. If you wish not to receive splices on lengths over 30 feet, please specify in your "order notes." All webbing is sold by the foot.