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Travel the world in style with reliable luggage belts and travel straps for luggage from our trusted strap-manufacturing team here at Strapworks. We carry a variety of traveler-friendly designs, including camera straps, bag straps, carrying straps and more. Our travel bag straps make it easy to carry your most prized possessions with you as you travel the world. Traveling by plane? Our premium travel straps are designed with airport-safe plastic hardware that won't set off metal detectors or cause undue delays at security checkpoints.

All plastic hardware on our straps are "AIRPORT SAFE".

Taking a trip or going on vacation? We've got you covered. Our strap-manufacturing team designs and builds some of the best luggage belts in the world. Browse our categories for more information on ordering our high-quality travel bag straps and strap hardware.

Here at Strapworks, our travel bag straps and luggage belts are designed with both adventurers and professionals in mind. All carrying straps are built with best-in-class strength and include appropriate padding for optimal comfort. Camera straps are padded where they hit the back of the neck, while duffle bag and luggage straps have movable shoulder pads. Our travel bag straps and luggage belts are designed to be adjusted for superior comfort for travelers of all sizes. They are also removable and washable for easy care and maintenance.

Not sure what type of strap or strap hardware you need? We've included pictures and descriptions of each type of strap we sell for travel purposes. Explore the different types of travel bag straps we have and find what you need to make your next trip hassle-free and comfortable. When you find a strap that suits your needs, click on the photo and link provided above for a full list of available materials, widths and colors for your chosen design. Please note that not all travel straps for luggage or luggage belts may be available for all widths and product types.

At Strapworks, we're committed to quality. Our luggage straps and belts are made from durable materials like nylon, polypropylene and polyester. We take care to use materials that are affordable yet durable to ensure lasting quality without the high price tag. All hardware is sewn onto the strap and is reinforced to ensure durability in virtually any environment. Wherever your travels take you, stay safe, secure and comfortable with a luggage belt from our team. Browse our selection today to see what's new, then order your favorite straps to make your next excursion a success.