You are here: Home > Law Enforcement & Public Safety is unique in that we allow you to choose the strap you want. You can choose from 100's of options to design the exact strap that you need. The next few steps are designed to help you choose those options and finalize your strap to be added to your shopping cart. Pictures are provided so that you can see those options that are available and those that you are choosing. Keep changing those options or start a new strap until you are happy with what you have and add it to your shopping cart. If you can't find what you are looking for or you require something even more custom, please feel free to email custom@strapworks.


When the going gets tough, the tough head to Strapworks. Our extensive selection of law-enforcement and public-safety accessories makes it easy for soldiers and police officers to keep their guns and gear handy. Whether you're heading into a hostile zone and need a tactical gun sling, or just want a strap to keep your gear secure during training, our strap experts here at Strapworks have everything you're looking for and more. Our premium law- enforcement and public-safety straps are designed with convenience and safety in mind and feature high-quality materials, easy-to-use hardware and other features to help you in even the most demanding situations.

STEP 1: Choose Your Strap Style

ar15 kit This kit includes the basics for creating your own tactical gun sling. side release buckle strap A light duty strap used for bundling light weight gear, and clothing. Quick release. cam strap A single buckle strap used to hold down or bundle gear together.

Interested in learning more about our available law-enforcement and public-safety strap products? Click on the photos and links below for more information and ordering for our available items.

Whether you're on the beat or out in the training field, carrying gear is always a concern. Fortunately for you, our team here at Strapworks makes it easy to bundle and secure gear with our high-quality straps. Our side-release buckle straps are a popular choice and feature a side release buckle sewn to the end of a piece of webbing. They're easy to adjust and won't slip. Cam straps are another great option for securing gear. These straps feature metal hardware and a simple adjustment apparatus ideal for quick one-handed adjustments. Our cam straps are available in your choice of material and color.

For those that need to carry a weapon, our AR-15 kit contains the basics to help users to create their very own tactical gun sling. The AR-15 kit comes with two lengths of flat nylon webbing, hardware and instructions. Customize the strap to your body size and keep your most important ally available and within an arm's reach at all times. The AR-15 kit is available in your choice of color to meet your uniform needs.

Whether you're securing your gear or building your own AR-15 gun sling, our manufacturing and supply team here at Strapworks has the law enforcement and public safety tools you need to stay one step ahead of any obstacles, perpetrators or other problems in your path. In high-stakes situations, never settle for second best. Order your necessary straps and strap hardware in custom colors and experience the superior quality of a Strapworks design today. All straps are priced low for an incredible value and all items ship quickly to reach your door as soon as possible. Find the right strap product for your needs and shop with us today!