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Metal Hardware - Buckles, Loops & Rings

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Metal hardware provides a sturdy base to keep your strapping in place. At Strapworks, we offer a huge selection of metal strap buckles and rings to make sure you can create any kind of secure connection with your webbing materials. Having lots of options like these makes it easier to customize the strapping you have in mind. You can add these metal rings and buckles to strapping you're ordering from the site, or you can buy metal hardware to use on webbing that you already own. In either case, you can count on all of the buckle options we offer to hold up well when putting your strapping into action.

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From simple, everyday applications to securing heavy loads or precious cargo, there's no need we can't fulfill with this selection of metal hardware for webbing. Straps and tie-downs need the right kind of connection in order to perform the way you want them to. For example, you might want a simple D-ring buckle for your luggage or a shoulder bag. It's easy to use and keeps the straps flexible for a less rigid feel when you carry them. However, ratchet buckles and cam and spring buckles are better for those ultra-tough jobs that require carry heavy loads or transporting items over rough terrain. Because these buckles won't loosen once tightened, you'll feel more confident using them on heavy loads.

It's not just the design of the hardware that you'll get to choose in this collection, however. Strapworks also carries metal hardware in a variety of finishes so you can create the look you want for your strapping. Choose from black oxide coated buckles, solid brass rings, stainless steel hardware and more. You'll also find some less common options for your unique buckle needs, such as carabiners, military buckles, airline buckles and tongue buckles. Browse this collection to find exactly what you're looking for to finish off your custom strapping.