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While webbing plays a large role in the strength of an individual strap, just as important (if not more important) is the metal hardware on the end of the strap. Metal strap hardware provides an extremely sturdy base to keep your strapping in place. At Strapworks, we offer a huge selection of metal hardware and rings to make sure you can create any kind of secure connection with your webbing materials. Our diverse selection of high-quality rings, buckles, and snap hardware options makes it easier to customize the strapping you have in mind. You can add our available metal rings and buckles to strapping you're ordering from our site, or you can buy metal hardware to use on webbing that you already own. In either case, you can count on all the buckles and rings we offer to hold up well when putting your strapping into action. From simple, everyday applications to securing heavy loads or precious cargo, there's no need we can't fulfill with our extensive selection of metal hardware.