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Metal Surcingle 2" Metal Wire Hook Metal S-Hook - Vinyl Coated
Metal Surcingle 2"
Our Price: $0.70
Metal Wire Hook
Our Price: $1.30
The Metal surcingle... These hooks are better... Vinyl coated S-hooks are....
Vinyl Coated Safety S-Hook Metal Flat Hooks Stainless Steel 1" Wire Hook
Metal Flat Hook
Our Price: $1.89
This vinyl coated s-hook works... End hardware commonly used for cargo straps, securing straps, and tie downs. Stainless steel wire hooks....
Stainless Steel 1" Flat Hook Stainless Steel S-Hook - Uncoated
Stainless steel flat hook 1" Stainless Steel S-Hook are....

When it comes to superior strength and unmatched versatility for your straps and tie-downs, Strapworks is the place to shop. We carry a wide range of metal hooks - including S hooks, metal hook bookmarks and more - for just about every strap and tie-down task imaginable. Our collection of durable metal hooks is perfect for situations in which safety and security are the highest priorities. In our inventory, you'll find S-hooks, wire hooks, flat hooks, metal eye hook products and more. Because each one has its own maximum weight level, we recommend carefully reading the details when you click on any piece of hook hardware. Additionally, knowing the typical applications for these tie-down hooks and metal strap hooks will give you a better sense of the type that will work best for you and your unique needs. Read on for more information about our available metal hooks and order yours with your custom-made strap or tie-down from our team here at Strapworks today!

We'll start with our S-hooks. Our metal S-hooks are the most popular hooks for tie-downs for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they're versatile. They can be combined with virtually any buckle to make a highly-functional, do-it-all strap. Their curved shape allows for plenty of movement in cases where you want the strapping to be less rigid, yet they still provide a secure hold. Plus, you can make your metal strap hooks even more secure by opting for the safety S-hooks, which have a clip at the opening to ensure a better hold. S-hooks are often used with ratchet straps and cam straps. You'll find both standard metal S-hooks and safety metal S-hooks (complete with a closing snap) here in our inventory.

If you need metal hooks that will lie flat, consider getting one of our metal wire or metal flat hooks instead. They offer excellent grip and are often used to tie down or secure ATV's, bikes, heavy equipment, etc. Metal flat hooks are used in many of the same applications, especially for heavy load strapping. Our flat hooks come with a round eye or square eye which you can select based on the strap angle you need.

Finally, we have the metal surcingle, which is also known as a hook-and-eye buckle or cinch buckle. These hooks are a bit different in that they are used as an adjustment point rather than an anchor point. They are often utilized for belts, tie-downs and cargo strapping.

With this information, we hope that you'll find the perfect metal hook for your strap or tie-down needs. Check out all the specs on each product page below, where you'll also be able to select the size and finish for your metal strap hooks. Questions? Contact us at support@strapworks.com.