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Sports Belts

Sports Belts
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If you are looking for a functional and durable belt to wear when camping, hiking, fishing or climbing, then take a look at the collection of sport belts and outdoor straps at Strapworks. Made from tough and comfortable lightweight polypropylene, and available with a high-quality plastic buckle, our sport belts are ideal for the outdoors lover that doesn't mind getting down and dirty. Unlike most of Strapworks' belts where you can choose your webbing, sports belts are made with lightweight polypropylene webbing only. The reasoning here is simple: lightweight polypropylene is simply the best type of webbing for outdoor apparel. It has a low water absorption rate, so it will hold up well on those fishing and boating trips. It's also lightweight, making it great for long hikes and other activities. The sport belt also features excellent UV protection. Our sports belts and outdoor straps come as lightweight cam straps, with the plastic cam buckle on one end and the other free to feed through it. This little feature allows the sport belt to be completely adjustable. Lightweight polypropylene webbing is also the only material that will work as a cam strap because of the cam buckle, thus making the two the perfect belt combination. Our outdoor sports belts also come in a wide variety of colors to meet your unique stylistic preferences. Read on to learn more about the specifications and unique advantages of lightweight polypropylene, and order your custom sports belt from our strap experts here at Strapworks today!