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Straps and Tie-Downs

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Straps make our lives better each and every day. Whether they are used as tie-downs for cargo or to make our duffle bags easier to carry on our way to the gym, straps are a virtual necessity used in applications large and small by people all over the world. At Strapworks, we know that every person has their own unique need for straps, that is why we have so many customization options available for customers and their straps or tie-downs. When you order from our team, you get to choose your own length, width, color and hardware options to create your straps for your needs. Use our options to build everything from personalized suitcase straps to truck straps and everything in between! When it comes to the industry's best in custom strap creation and unparalleled strap performance, there simply is no better choice.

Once you've placed your order, we then make your straps to order and ship right away. Every step along the way, we give you the information you need to make the right choices to fit your needs. From cam straps that provide great grip once tightened, to ratchet tie-down straps that use levers to tighten down your cargo, to bag straps featuring adjustable length for optimal comfort, every strap has unique features to fit your unique demands. We also offer camera straps, motorcycle straps, seatbelt straps, loop straps, double-ring straps and much more.

Want to do it yourself? Our manufacturing and supply team also carries all the hardware you need to make your own straps or tie-downs. From lightweight hooks and snaps to heavy-duty ratcheting tie-downs, we offer many hardware options to modify your straps to meet any requirement you may have. You can add plastic handles, shoulder pads, buckle pads, adjusters and much more. Make Strapworks your go-to shop for straps and tie-downs that are strong, durable and stylish. With plenty of ways to customize any straps to your needs, we make it easy to get exactly what you need with just a few clicks.